CNC machinists for Electronics, Sensors, Automation, Robotics, Medical, Marine

Automation & Robotics

TKT Manufacturing Group supplies precision engineered parts for Automation and Robotics industries. From conveyor systems, dispenser systems, Industrial robots, Collaborative Robots and end of arm tooling we can help develop and manufacture your products. With experience in manufacturing moulded and machined non-metallic, nonmagnetic materials through to precision high wear resistance metallic parts, TKT Manufacturing Group can support and develop the manufacturing of your project and product needs.
CNC Machinists for Electronics


An industry known for developing at a very fast pace builds reliance on support from key suppliers. We believe in creating a strong relationship with clients, which is why we will always deliver on our promises. On time in full product availability is crucial in maintaining the speed of development our clients expect. From next generation electronic connectors through to specialist housings TKT Manufacturing Group have the engineering knowledge, capabilities and reaction times required to support your project needs
CNC machinists for Fluid & gas handling Midlands

Fluid & Gas handling

The connectors and fittings required for pneumatic, or hydraulics applications can significantly differ based on the final product demands. Inert and resilient materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, and brass are commonly used for the transfer and handling of fluid and gaseous products. If Low medium or high-pressure products are required, then TKT Manufacturing Group can produce the parts you require.
CNC machinists Midlands

Industrial & Commercial

For the industrial and commercial markets TKT Manufacturing Group produces a wide range of performance-critical components. The variety of product applications demands an even wider range of suitable materials, and we have the knowledge base to efficiently and effectively machine them all. We are experienced in major ‘build-to-print’ contracts for short lead-time programmes, delivering on time every time. Our flexibility and expertise ensures that we remain the preferred supplier for our customers. Our products are supplied complete including surface treatments such as electroplating, anodising and chromating.
Marine CNC machinists Midlands


The Marine industry is known as one of the most challenging sectors for engineered product. Components are often subjected to harsh and corrosive conditions for many years, demanding robust and reliable products from an established and trusted source of manufacture. There are many facets of the marine industry, from oil and gas, wave, and hydro power, through to diving equipment and submarines, each facing their own unique challenges and requiring products, materials and surface coatings that can be relied upon. TKT Manufacturing Group has the knowledge and experience to supply the highest quality materials and parts for these harsh environments.
Medical CNC machinists uk


TKT Manufacturing Group is highly skilled in meeting the exacting demands of the medical industry. We deliver quality assured components with the highest levels of performance and reliability. Our years of experience in manufacturing parts for the medical industry enables us to produce proven reliable components for critical life supporting systems. From the initial development phase through to serial production of innovative new technologies, TKT Manufacturing Group ensures that we provide products for the next generation of care.
power generation CNC machinists

Power Generation

A sustainable future of low carbon and low-cost power generation is being developed utilising many technologies. From more efficient ways of utilising fossil fuels through to tidal and wind power TKT Manufacturing Group can help with your product needs. Our experienced manufacturing teams will manufacture your items to your exact specifications. We can even help if you don’t have access to the original design drawings thanks to our reverse engineering capabilities. From renewable through to mobile sources of power we have the ability to manufacture the best products from the most suitable materials.
Controls and sensors CNC machinists

Sensors & Controls

In an industry where total reliability needs to be combined with flexibility TKT Manufacturing Group will be your partner for manufacturing excellence. From initial trial batch production through to the design for manufacture process we add value to your final products. Optical or mechanical, invasive, or non-invasive sensors we are here to support you in the manufacturing of the products you require to the specifications you demand.

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