CNC Machining

CNC Milling

We work with companies who can offer extensive CNC milling and multi-axis machining for both small and large parts. Whether its small or large batch runs, we can offer a fast & flexible service that meets your exact requirements. CNC Milling

CNC Turning

We can offer CNC turning and sliding head machining of volume components in various materials. Whether you require 10 off or 1000's of turned parts, our team can help deliver cost effective solutions with excellent lead times. CNC Turning


TKT are partnered with reliable subcontract machinists who can offer various forms of grinding. Whether its CNC grinding, or surface or cylindrical grinding, we can offer fully ground & finished parts to precise specification. Grinding

Wire & Spark Erosion

Wire erosion and spark erosion enables us to offer a fast turnaround service on complex components. Hard materials & difficult to machine parts can be machined to incredibly tight tolerances via wire & spark erosion machining. Wire & Spark Erosion

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